Pinnacle Power builds bespoke energy networks for new and existing developments.

We are committed to the long-term success of every system we create and every community or business it serves. We finance, design, build and operate district energy systems. Pinnacle Power works with local authorities, businesses and property developers to create value, reduce costs and deliver a well-designed, low risk system.

A proper partnership

Once an energy system is up and running, we remain an active partner throughout its lifetime, working with the client to unlock further value and enhance its operation for the benefit of all.

Our Services

  • Design
    Reliable and sustainable energy, centrally generated for the community it serves. We take a ‘whole market’ view of the technology available and use our in-house design team to provide the best advice specific to your particular needs and circumstances. An effective district energy network makes the best use of your available resources, local conditions and environmental factors to create opportunities where others might struggle.
  • Build
    Our experienced team understand not only the technical challenges but also the logistical ones – like the need to work sensitively in communities and keep disruption to an absolute minimum at all times. We have experience in working on time and within budget to deliver a secure and warranted system.
  • Operation and maintenance
    Preserving the value of these vital assets, while ensuring your customers enjoy uninterrupted access to the energy they need, backed by a level of support that exceeds their expectations.
  • Managing customers
    This is the most important part of making sure your energy network is a success. Pinnacle as a family of companies has always focused on working with residents and customers to deliver a service which can be communicated, understands and works with the community to ensure the best possible outcomes.
  • Funding
    We specialise in creating innovative financial models to fund and operate your energy network. Our goal is always to create a solution that works for all parties over the short, medium and long-term of the network’s life. As a client, you benefit from a dependable solution with the risk substantially removed, your customers enjoy the benefits of cheaper and more sustainable energy, and we create a long term partnership that allows us to manage and improve your network over time.
  • Energy purchase
    Using our in-depth market knowledge and awareness of energy price trends, we buy in volume at the right time to enable greater savings. If you have multiple suppliers, contracts can be renegotiated, synchronised and aggregated to reduce costs further and streamline administration.
  • Waste to energy (W2E)
    We are committed to the future of waste as a vital energy source. We are increasingly looking to advise on emerging thermal and non-thermal W2E technologies, such as gasification or fermentation (subject to the availability of suitable waste materials).
  • Energy efficiency
    With better technology comes greater efficiency. By upgrading and improving equipment over time, always with a clear cost benefit analysis, we can streamline your operations, reduce your carbon emissions and save you money.
  • Managed services
    Having developed a district energy solution for a client, we are often called upon by our clients to deliver a range of ancillary services in support of their networks. These can include health and safety, personnel, equipment, materials, software, management accounting and administrative support services.
  • Engineering support
    With innovation at our core, we create intelligent ways to successfully integrate your energy network with new or existing M&E, building management and health and safety systems. We will sort out problems and make the system work properly.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary company, Nova Power, we also deliver district energy for country estates, schools, care homes and other smaller or rural developments. You can read more about Nova Power here.