Case studies

Our track record is best illustrated by the stories of the customers we serve.

The services we offer are underpinned by a sound public service ethos, ensuring that we actively engage with the communities and clients we serve. Using commitments based on partnership, we work with them, as well as for them.

InterContinental London - The O2 (i) 1
Inter- Continental Hotel, Greenwich
Pinnacle Power provide the InterContinental Hotel in Greenwich Peninsula…
With Energy3
With Energy
With Energy is a new energy company, set up by Pinnacle Power to provide…
First Central Heating Company
First Central Heating Company (FCHC) is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)…
Widmerpool Biomass
Pinnacle Power is working in partnership with Mycock Associates to…
Greenwich Peninsula
Pinnacle Power has delivered an excellent, comprehensive and responsive…