With Energy is a new energy company, set up by Pinnacle Power to provide low-cost heat, power, operations, maintenance and customer services to new residential developments across the UK.

Unlike the big energy companies, With Energy is designed specifically to provide communities with low-cost, low-carbon energy, allowing residents to have their own community energy brand and benefit from on-site generated heat and power. A completely localised model, Pinnacle Power aim to revolutionise the energy sector with its With Energy offering, all the while supporting stronger, more sustainable communities.

Launched in 2016, With Energy is already set to provide operations and maintenance and customer services to nearly 3,000 properties across London, including the New Festival Quarter development in Tower Hamlets and Clapham Park in Lambeth.


“With Energy is about making residents feel more attached – and proud – of their energy network and to further spread the concept of community energy.”


With Energy believe reliable heat and power is a basic pre-requisite to living in the UK, and therefore provide a service that residents can trust. Complete with an in-house heat interface unit (HIU) maintenance team, With Energy also provide high quality servicing and breakdown cover, including local on-the-ground customer service representatives.

Pinnacle Power, under the With Energy brand, will undertake all operations, metering and billing services to customers in each community.

An energy provider where residents are the winners

Locally based operations mean residents are not subject to expensive network and distribution charges.


We instil strict KPIs, including that heat supply must be restored within 24 hours or we offer a refund per resident, per 24 hours their heating stays down. Pinnacle Power monitors key system parameters (including operating temperatures, system pressure, heat meter records and fuel use) and regularly analyses performance to identify any inconsistencies or inefficiencies. This also helps guide us as to where we can alter controls set-up to make sure the system is running at optimum output.

Highly competitive – and monitored – pricing

With Energy’s pricing is governed by a governance committee (including local authorities where appropriate) on each development, ensuring prices are controlled and sit at a price cheaper than an agreed residential comparator. Prices are reviewed annually, with residents paying a yearly standing charge, covering all maintenance and servicing requirements.