We recognise that the private sector needs to raise its standards of delivery and think in the longer term. The current economic climate creates a challenge for all those involved in the provision of public services. At a time of severe constraint on public sector finances, our task is to continue to improve outcomes with fewer resources at our disposal.

However, the severity of the situation creates opportunities, as it acts as the catalyst for a change in thinking that might otherwise be considered disruptive or unnecessary. Pinnacle Group embraces this change, recognising that the private sector needs to raise its standards of delivery, think in the longer term and be measured on performance against outcomes.

Since the 1980s, successive governments have used a variety of mechanisms to encourage competition, efficiency, innovation and the improvement of services. Compulsory Competitive Tendering (CCT) and Best Value have been two such policy tools. However, there is now a widespread acceptance that achieving the best outcomes requires a mixed economy for service delivery.

Our business focus reflects this shift in perception, while recognition is growing in the national social housing market of the part played by private sector companies in improving standards and creating an environment in which management is empowered to innovate.

We have established a reputation for delivering services that reflect the priorities of communities. We are building on this by developing our role as an intermediary between the people who live in these communities and those who provide funding. We are determined to increase our investment in the social infrastructure of these communities and see the introduction of private sector capital as fundamental to the government’s future capital commitments in the public sector.