Pinnacle Power is working in partnership with Mycock Associates to co-develop a 6.8MW biomass power plant in Nottinghamshire.

The combined heat and power station is designed to provide sustainable green electricity for over 10,000 homes. By redirecting waste wood, otherwise destined for landfill, the plant will save 8,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. An equivalent reduction to taking 3,750 cars off the road over the life of the project.

Pinnacle Power developed the initial package within four months, including: Sourcing an EPC Contractor, O&M Contractor, Fuel Supply and Power Purchase agreements, as well as a funding solution, enabling the project to quickly proceed into the detailed design and engineering phase.

The plant will initially be electricity only but has been built with the necessary infrastructure to enable operation as a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) unit in the future. Once the plant is operational it will be operated by Veolia Energy Services Ltd for a 15 year maintenance contract and has a long term PPA with Engie UK. The plant will be fuelled by sustainable waste wood supplied by Waring Waste and Mick George Limited.

The plant is due for completion in April 2017.