Pinnacle Power has been appointed to a new council of industry leaders formed to help support Government in achieving a sustainable national heat industry.

The Heat Network Industry Council, formed of Pinnacle Power and twelve other leading businesses will identify measures the government can take to help create jobs and investment, cut costs and carbon, create smarter cities and drive excellence in customer service standards. 

Toby Heysham, Managing Director of Pinnacle Power said: “We are thrilled that the industry has come together to help deliver on the Government’s sustainability ambitions. The council presents an opportunity for members to demonstrate the innovation, expertise and experience in our industry that will help achieve market growth and decarbonisation goals.

Dr Tim Rotheray, director of the Association for Decentralised Energy which leads the council, said: “The council exists to set out ambitious commitments of what the heat networks industry will deliver, in return for policy measures which ensure heat network infrastructure projects are an attractive investment proposition.

The announcement of the Council follows The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s launch of the Heat Networks Investment Project; a new £320 million programme to encourage mass rollout of heat networks.