Pinnacle Power has secured the highly sought-after Clapham Park community district heating contract in London, it was announced today.


The early works contract will see Pinnacle Power design and build a new phase 1 energy centre and district heating network in the Clapham Park community, and install pipework and heating units to 201 new and 120 existing flats.


Pinnacle will also take on the operations and maintenance for the five boiler rooms and 481 existing flat heating systems, and will bring the customers onto a new operations and customer billing platform under its With Energy brand.


Pinnacle Power Director Toby Heysham said Clapham Park was a significant achievement for the company.


“The Clapham Park contract is a major new build district heat design and build project, and a major adoption challenge as we bring onto our platform 481 existing properties,” he said.


“What sets Pinnacle Power apart from the rest is our ability to remediate existing heating systems as well as deliver really innovative design into the new builds. This brings costs down for the client and makes heat costs lower for the residents – it’s a win-win,” he said.


Pinnacle Power Commercial Director Jim Birse, who will manage the project, commented:


“This win puts us at the forefront of the sector, placing us up there with all the major players vying for major design and build projects across the country.”


The early works agreement will run until June 2018.