An overview of key issues identified by the government review of options for achieving long term heat decarbonisation.

Government reviews option for achieving long term heat decarbonisation. This c140 page report provides the key issues arising from the recent review and this BEIS report seeks to:

  • Highlight the different characteristics of the main alternative sources of low carbon heat and the approaches to achieving transformational change;
  • Set out strategically important issues, ‘strategic inferences’, which we have drawn from the evidence available to help focus the development of our long term policy framework; and,
  • Identify areas that require further exploration to inform the development of a new long term policy framework for heat.

The review confirmed that the UK needs:

  • Better understanding of the different options available for decarbonising heating; and,
  • A clearer common agenda across industry, academia and the public sector to ensure effort and resources are effectively and efficiently applied to long term heat decarbonisation issues.

Pinnacle power would welcome views on opportunities for enhancing co-operation.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy’s Clean growth: transforming heating – overview of current evidence can be found here.